Aqaba Container Terminal Increases Productivity in Challenging Times  
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Aqaba Container Terminal Increases Productivity in Challenging Times  

Touches record of 1,208 full import container trucks released in a single day

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Award-winning Aqaba Container Terminal, operated by APM Terminals, has announced in a statement that its productivity for the year has sharply increased with CEO Steven Yoogalingam indicating: “Continuous improvement is an integral part of the way we do business at ACT.”

This year the Terminal delivered a record high gate throughput with a staggering record of 1,208 import full container trucks released in a single day, an average truck turn-around time reduction of 7%, and a berth productivity gain of 8% compared to last year (and 54.4% compared to 2016).

With the support of Jordan Customs, the average dwell-time of import full containers has also gone down this year again by 11% compared to the same period of last year.

Aqaba Container Terminal Offers New Gateway to Iraq

Dr. Duraid Mahasneh, Chairman of Jordan Shipping Association, stated: “That we have had increasing productivity of the Terminal in spite of the lower volume of business activity in Jordan is a testament to ACT’s dedication to maintaining impeccable international standards regardless of all the obstacles and events experienced by the region for years.”

The terminal expects that the total volumes this year will close about 3% below last year’s volume due to the local economic situation and the wider geo-political context in the region, but it remains positive on the prospect of serving the Iraq market.

The container terminal productivity and reliability is unmatched in the region, placing Jordan in a very competitive position to develop into a sustainable transport and logistics hub for the region.

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