Aqaba Container Terminal Adds 14 New Customized Terminal Trucks

Aqaba Container Terminal Adds 14 New Customized Terminal Trucks

New arrivals part of ACT’s five-year equipment replacement plan

Aqaba Container Terminal recently received its latest shipment of new, custom-designed machinery that meets ACT's unique requirements and specifications as part of its strategic efforts to increase the efficiency and safety of port operations.

This latest arrival of equipment including fourteen Terminal trucks is part of ACT’s five-year equipment replacement plan, which aims to replace the terminal’s older machinery with newer, more advanced machines that will ultimately work to reduce operational costs and enhance the quality and efficiency.

The new design comes with a host of new safety and eco-efficiency features to the benefit of staff and the environment.

Later this year, the terminal will acquire one more reach stacker, and in 2022, another eight terminal trucks and one more reach stacker will be added to this new equipment acquisition.

With Volumes up 20% Aqaba Container Terminal Plans Further Investments

Commenting on the terminal’s latest acquisition of new machinery, ACT CEO Soren Jensen said: “We are happy to witness this latest step in our long-term investment strategy, which aims to increase the terminal’s operational efficiency and elevate ACT’s national, regional, and worldwide stature.

“At ACT we believe in the Jordanian economy and in Aqaba’s potential as a hub for the entire Levant region. Therefore, we continue to invest in upgrading our capabilities and capacity to serve our customers to their continued satisfaction”

Over the past 10 years, ACT has invested more than $300 million in the terminal - expanding its capacity, improving its operations and making it the most sustainable gateway to Jordan and the Levant region.

These investments have been diverse and wide-reaching, including everything from infrastructure development to capacity-building, to upgrading on-site equipment with more advanced machinery.

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