Al Seer Marine Targets $10 Billion in Future Deals Over Next 10 years

Al Seer Marine Targets $10 Billion in Future Deals Over Next 10 years

Shipbuilding and repair market witnesses significant recovery in the past 12 months

Al Seer Marine has entered a strategic joint venture with the leading maritime solutions Dutch company, Damen Shipyards and  DTec Industries, a global pioneer in the industrial partnerships and financial services based in Singapore, respectively.

The Joint Venture between the companies will combine the best maritime talent in the industry and help position the UAE as the industry center of excellence.

Commenting on the joint venture, Guy Neivens, Chief Executive Officer of Al Seer Marine, said: “The sea carries out around 80% of global trade by volume. The global marine vessel   market is projected to grow from $170.75 billion in 2021 to $188.57 billion in 2028.

"The collaboration with Damen Shipyards and DTec aligns well with Al Seer Marine's strategy in becoming a global brand in developing world-class marine vessels.”

The move aligns with Al Seer Marine’s international growth plan in response to the global industry demand. Al Seer Marine sees a potential of more than $10 billion in current markets in the coming ten years.

Al Seer Marine to Move 3 Million Tonnes of Bulk Cargo Globally in 2022

In the first two quarters of 2020, the pandemic had reduced maritime trade and transport, which, in turn, has lowered the demand for the procurement of new vessels; however, the market is witnessing a recovery in the past 12 months with new shipbuilding contracts being rewarded globally.

“With the current market indicators, we are confident this strategic joint venture will play a key role in Al Seer Marine's growth which will be a great added value to our shareholders," Neivens added.

Founded in 1927, Damen Shipyards has been providing maritime solutions in design, shipbuilding, ship repair, and related services across a range of sectors.

The Damen Group is a Dutch shipbuilding and engineering conglomerate company based in Gorinchem, South Holland, the Netherlands. Though it is a major international group doing business in 120 countries, it remains a private family-owned company.

DTec Industries is a company based in Singapore that offers services in Industrial Participation and finance, primarily in the maritime. The Group has several wholly owned operating subsidiaries located around the world.

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