APM Terminals Algeciras Expands Tractor Fleet  
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APM Terminals Algeciras Expands Tractor Fleet  

Introduces the new, improved Terberg YT222 model

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APM Terminals Algeciras, the largest container terminal in the Mediterranean, is renewing and increasing its fleet of terminal tractors.

The company has started introducing the new Terberg YT222 model, which features improved ergonomics, comfort, safety and environmental impact.

The 116 new tractors will all have arrived by July this year, increasing the current fleet by 14 units.

The new model includes specifications resulting from suggestions made by the operators.

Maersk to Increase Synergies with APM Terminals

Terberg works closely with APM Terminals Algeciras to gain first-hand feedback from users about their vehicles and apply the necessary improvements to update their models.

In addition to a lower emission engine, improvements include repositioning the exhaust behind the cabin, increased comfort and ergonomics, additional rear-view mirrors for improved driver visibility, enforced seat belt usage in order to start the tractor, as well as a presence sensor in the seat.

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