DP World Antwerp First to Deploy Flexible Wireless Backbone Network
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DP World Antwerp First to Deploy Flexible Wireless Backbone Network

Using British Telecom’s Rajant wireless mesh technology

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DP World's Antwerp port terminal is the first terminal in the world to use a flexible wireless backbone network (BT's Rajant Wireless mesh technology).

This network is secure, reliable and stable and performs extremely well thanks to its large bandwidth and end-to-end coverage over a vast area.

The innovative solution is an essential part of DP World's digital transformation of the terminal, which handles 2.5 million containers annually, 3000 trucks per day and almost 950 ships per year.

By implementing this technology, DP World can bring its daily operations to anytime, anywhere-mode and improve its efficiency.

A Kinetic Mesh network uses the same frequencies as a classic WiFi network but is still very different.

The network is continuously searching for the fastest way to transfer data from source to destination thanks to multiple simultaneous connections.

It is specially designed for environments and applications where customer devices and the network itself are constantly changing and moving.

The network is dynamic and adapts to provide connectivity to moving vehicles and provides an answer to the limitations of a classical network such as interference with other WiFi networks, the presence of containers or large ships, the influence of cooling zones on radio waves or the limitations due to radar use by port authorities.

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It also complies with the radio frequency and industrial regulations for the use of wireless internet on site.

For DP World, it is of great importance that 900 employees in the port terminal can communicate via a stable and reliable network, which can analyze and optimize processes and operations at any time.

The straddle carriers, service vehicles and cranes are all equipped with this technology and the network is also equipped to meet the growing demand for connected devices.

Says Jef Lambregts, head of engineering at DP World Antwerp: "DP World relies heavily on connectivity to keep its port operations operational.

“By using this network, we gain in efficiency and in time we will also save significant costs on the maintenance of these machines thanks to automation (internet of things.”

Philippe De Crombrugge, Global Account Director at BT explained: "These flexible wireless networks help companies like DP World to reduce their costs, seize opportunities and stay ahead of the competition by supporting new and changing applications, programs and procedures.

“To thrive in today's global economy, organizations must be highly agile and dynamic.”

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