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Maersk Develops Blockchain Seafarer System
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Maersk Develops Blockchain Seafarer System

Maersk and BLOC unite on new system

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Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), founded by BLOC, is to work with Maersk on a consortium that will pilot a blockchain-based seafarer certification system.

The consortium aims to streamline processes that can be slowed down by a lack of verification for safety documentation, paper-based certificate management, and a lack of access to validated safety and training certifications.

Also included, as part of the consortium, are businesses working in the field of fleet management and certification, such as provider of cloud-based fleet management solutions Hanseaticsoft, platform providers Navozyme and C-LOG, and international seafarer charity The Mission to Seafarers.

Deanna MacDonald, CEO of BLOC, said: “Blockchain is essentially a collaborative technology, and so we need to build with industry rather than adopting a top-down approach, and therefore an essential ingredient to this project is to start by building a consortium that represents everyone in the value chain, from vessel owners to the seafarers themselves.

“The properties of blockchain make it uniquely positioned to deliver on these value propositions.

“Taken together, the distributed digital ledger, tamperproof timestamping (and hashing) of information and documentation, and the peer-to-peer verification network enable a globally available and locally accessible respiratory of verified and validated documentation.”

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