London Court Reaffirms DP World’s Rights in Djibouti Wrangle

London Court Reaffirms DP World’s Rights in Djibouti Wrangle

International Court maintains Dubai-based operator has full rights in Djibouti case

The Dubai government has stated that it has full legal rights in its ongoing wrangle with Djibouti over a port terminal after a London court extended an injunction prohibiting the government of Djibouti from interfering in the management of the facility.

In February 2018 the skirmish began when the government of Djibouti opted to sieze the Doraleh Container Terminal from DP World.

Despite Djibouti’s move, it was found to have no legal right to do so.

DP World has twice taken the case to a court of international arbitration and twice won the case.

Even though the court ruled in the favour of DP World, Djibouti has continued to mount a defence of its actions.

DP World: We Will Defend Our Rights

In the most recent iteration in the tale, Djibouti attempted to nationalise the port area Doraleh Terminal is in, however this too was ruled as unlawful.

Global port giant DP World is majority owned by the Dubai government.

Djibouti Seizes Doraleh Terminal (Again)

DP World has reiterated its position that the injunction clearly states that Djibouti cannot act as if the joint venture has been terminated and that actions regarding the terminal must be taken with DP World’s consent.

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