Watch: Emrill Successfully Keeps Dubai Safe, Functioning and Vibrant
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Watch: Emrill Successfully Keeps Dubai Safe, Functioning and Vibrant

Technology-enabled business continuity plans keep operations running efficiently

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Stuart Harrison, CEO of Emrill Services highlights the quality and diversity of Emrill's senior management and how it has helped Emrill to deliver top-notch services across facilities in Dubai during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a comprehensive business continuity plan that was already being developed over the last 3 to 4 years as part of Emrill's Future Ready Initiative.

According to Mr Harrison making sure that every employee - from top to bottom - was educated on the dos and donts was the key to successful delivery of services that kept health and safety across all sites as top priority.

Transparent communication with all clients was another practice that helped build trust and confidence. Finally, increased use of smart technologies on mobile apps enabled staff members to work better and more efficiently throughout the city of Dubai while logging 13 million safe man hours so far in 2020.

Mr Harrison also lauded the support received from the Dubai Governement in Emrill's successful mission to keep the city safe, functioning and vibrant.

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