Watch: DSV Launches ‘4PL’ Lead Logistics  

Watch: DSV Launches ‘4PL’ Lead Logistics  

New supply chain service uses data to predict and improve

DSV’s newly-launched Lead Logistics is a ‘market-changing way of providing intelligent lead logistics – or 4PL – to the world’s leading businesses’, the company said in a statement.

Imagine solutions that are updating themselves while in operation, constantly analysing data to seek out the most effective solutions and to pre-empt any disruptions in the supply chains.

DSV can do that through a new modular logistics outsourcing solution.

Panalpina and DSV Agree to Join Forces

The modular approach allows DSV to tailor our services precisely to its customers’ needs using cloud-based, state-of the-art technology, which supports supply chain design, implementation, and management across all modes, geographies, and currencies.

Said Rene Falch Olesen, Group Chief Commercial Officer of DSV: “Our decision to launch this service is a direct result of feedback obtained through industry research, market growth analysis, and most importantly through direct feedback from our customers.”

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