Transport & Logistics Voice of the Market Survey

Transport & Logistics Voice of the Market Survey

Take few minutes to help the University of Strathclyde in Dubai design better educational and training courses for the supply chain industry

The University of Strathclyde in Dubai is an award-winning educational institution and a pioneering, experienced MBA provider. Their programme is updated and reviewed constantly to reflect the current business environment.

Strathclyde’s MBA is strategy-focused and blends theoretical and practical business learning.

The University’s programmes are flexible and responsive to the needs of students and working individuals.

Recently, the University of Strathclyde signed an MoU with Transport & Logistics M.E. for collaboration in designing and delivering skill development programmes for the transport and logistics sectors both, locally and globally.

Towards that end, the University has devised a brief questionnaire for transport and logistics industry professionals like yourself to get feedback on the market’s current needs in skills development and how the University can best design courses to deliver those skills.

Please participate in this survey and help us make Dubai a hub of emerging talents that will create the supply chains of tomorrow. Thank you.

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