'The Future of Freight Forwarding in a Post-Covid World' - A Report

'The Future of Freight Forwarding in a Post-Covid World' - A Report

Bolloré Logistics and Transport Intelligence conduct global survey of logistics professionals

Bolloré Logistics and Transport Intelligence recently joined forces to jointly administer a global survey with 422 professionals (shippers, service providers and financial institutions) shedding light on the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on the supply chain and future structural changes in the medium term.

Administered in July and August 2020, the survey confirms that for 72% of respondents the Covid-19 crisis will shape the global supply chain on a lasting basis.

Thirty-one per cent said that the remoteness of supply areas and their concentration in a limited number of countries could be reconsidered. However, 61% of respondents believe that the crisis will not call into question globalisation as a business model.

The survey also reveals that the pandemic has heightened trends having emerged in recent years.

Global Supply Chain Activity Surges to Pre-Pandemic Levels in Q3 2020

These include the importance of real-time visibility of goods flows for increased responsiveness to unforeseen incidents (76%), the introduction of greater supply and flow-planning flexibility (64%), and sustainable development as a key performance criterion in logistics solutions (67%).

Thierry Ehrenbogen, CEO of Bolloré Logistics said: "To control risks as part of the new situation created by the global pandemic, we are harnessing our capacity for resilience to foster the competitiveness of our customers internationally and to ensure supply-chain continuity.

"We are supporting our import and export customers in the recovery of their businesses by focusing on three objectives: the robustness of our transport plans, secured by alternative solutions; agility, with strong local expertise and empowered teams; and sustainability, by proposing eco-responsible solutions."

The survey results also highlight the positioning of Bolloré Logistics, which more than ever is asserting its "People Powered Innovation" brand positioning by investing over the long term in the company's digital transformation while placing people at the centre of its development strategy.

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