SOHAR Freezone Elevates Automotive Logistics Operations

SOHAR Freezone Elevates Automotive Logistics Operations

Announces expansion of Open Yard Car Storage Hub

SOHAR Port and Freezone is pleased to announce the signing of an expansion agreement with The Middle East Group (SFZ) LLC for the expansion of their Open Yard Car Storage Hub in SOHAR Freezone.

This expansion demonstrates SOHAR Port and Freezone commitment to strengthening logistics capabilities and enhancing import and re-export operations.

Originally established as a dedicated hub for automotive brands, this project has evolved to prioritize logistics excellence.

By importing vehicles from renowned manufacturers from countries such as Thailand, Japan, Mexico, China, Egypt and South Africa, and subsequently re-exporting them to international markets in North Africa, SOHAR Port and Freezone is positioned to play a pivotal role in facilitating global trade.

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Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Aghil, Chairman of The Middle East Group SFZ LLC, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating: "Our partnership with SOHAR Freezone has been instrumental in our journey to enhance our automotive logistics operations.

"We believe that this expansion will attract a broader customer base and foster valuable business relationships.”

Commenting on this milestone achievement, Omar Al Mahrizi, CEO of SOHAR Freezone and Deputy CEO of SOHAR Port, highlighted the project`s contribution to the integrated logistics system.

He stated: "This expansion significantly enhances our ability to meet the growing demand for top-notch logistics solutions within the SOHAR Port and Freezone ecosystem.

"We take pride in our ability to attract more tenant companies, reflecting investor confidence in our logistics capabilities.

"Our commitment to industry diversification and strategic collaborations reinforces SOHAR Freezone`s competitiveness and further contributes to Oman`s ongoing economic diversification."

With this expansion, the automotive cluster in SOHAR Freezone has expanded its footprint to encompass a substantial area of 70,000 sqm, strengthening its position as a logistic hub in the automotive business landscape.

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