Sharjah's Recycling and Logistics Specialist '' Plans MENA Expansion

Sharjah's Recycling and Logistics Specialist '' Plans MENA Expansion’s new offices will help support the circular economy and enhance logistics in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey

'', a Sharjah-based digital ecosystem that offers inclusive, intelligent platforms for logistics services and recyclable trading, recently announced their planned expansion across the MENA region, establishing a network of regional offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey.

Regarded as one of the fastest-growing digital ecosystems in the UAE, has two key digital platforms.

The first, ' market,' is dedicated to trading recyclables, including paper, e-waste, wood, glass, plastic, metals, aggregates, recyclable road base, and rubber, among others.

In addition to enabling business for buyers and sellers of recyclables, the platform is opening up new avenues for businesses to optimise their waste management and extract value from waste. market currently witnesses more than 400 bids each month from registered enterprises.

The second platform, ‘ collect’' offers convenient booking options for moving and logistics services, such as home moving, B2B logistics, truck or fleet rentals, and the popular cross-border shipment service.

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The platform has also revealed the addition of a new service that allows businesses and project managers to rent earthmoving equipment.

This addition offers project developers the capability to complete construction projects without the high upfront investment and long-term maintenance costs associated with a specialised fleet.

Commenting on the venture’s regional expansion, Salim Al Owais, Chief Executive Officer at, said: “We are proud to have made a considerable impact both within the UAE, and beyond our borders, and through advancing circularity and the expedition of logistics services, we have significantly contributed to local economies in the region.

"These notable achievements have spurred us to take further steps by establishing new offices in Abu Dhabi and Dammam, Saudi Arabia (KSA), with additional plans to expand our presence to Jeddah, KSA, as well as Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan.

"Through this strategically planned network of offices, our aim is to bring even greater value to both local and regional economies, driving sustainability and fostering mutually beneficial business relationships along the way.”

Al Owais asserted that digitalisation has become imperative, driven by customer demand and the essential requirements of business operations.

He highlighted that's expansion now offers businesses in multiple countries the opportunity to swiftly and cost-effectively digitise various aspects of their operations, eliminating the need to build their own platforms from scratch.

“We are eager to extend the reach of ‘ market’ and ‘ collect’ through our new offices, and in doing so, we aim to create added value for numerous economies in the region,” he noted.'s geographical expansion aligns with its outstanding growth in 2023, surpassing its performance metrics from 2022. Last year, ‘ market’ achieved transactions exceeding AED 100 million and facilitated the buying and selling of over 100,000 tonnes of materials.

Within the first two quarters of 2023, had recorded transactions of over AED 150 million and traded over 130,000 tonnes of material.

In addition, ‘ collect’ experienced a remarkable 150% increase in trips and a 15% rise in the number of users during the first half of 2023, reflecting the platform's growing popularity among individuals and businesses seeking convenient and cost-effective logistics services.

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