Schneider, Airlink Make Jebel Ali Logistics Centre a Sustainable Hub

Schneider, Airlink Make Jebel Ali Logistics Centre a Sustainable Hub

2,000 rooftop solar panels to generate 2,088 MWh in the first year

Schneider Electric and Airlink International UAE have transformed the Jebel Ali Logistics Center into one of the most sustainable distribution hubs in the country thanks to a solar rooftop solution that will cover up to 90% of the site’s energy needs.

The solar plant, which is owned by Airlink International UAE and is operated and maintained by Siraj Power, will generate 2,088 MWh in the first year thanks to the 2,000 solar panels installed on the site’s rooftop and offset nearly 1,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The solution includes 16 Schneider Electric solar inverters to convert the variable direct current output of the photovoltaic solar panels into alternating current that can be used by the logistics center’s grid.

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The move to transition the site to renewable energy is part of Schneider Electric’s and Airlink International UAE’s sustainability commitments, which includes the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from Schneider Electric’s suppliers’ operations by 50%.

The energy produced by the solar panels will be sufficient to power more than two hundred houses.

Lovina Pereira, Distribution Center Manager, and Schneider Electric Gulf said: “The Airlink Logistics Center is one of our most efficient sites in the world.

“And now it’s one of our most sustainable too. We are always working to improve how green our operations are, and this is one big step to going carbon neutral for our operations across the Gulf region.”

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