Saloodo! Now Offers Transports To and From Switzerland

Saloodo! Now Offers Transports To and From Switzerland

One of the first companies to offer transports to Switzerland via its freight exchange

Saloodo!, the digital freight platform, now also offers transports from Switzerland to the EU and vice versa. The logistics start-up is thus one of the first to offer transports to Switzerland via its freight exchange. Saloodo! has also thought about customs clearance.

Transporting goods from the EU to countries subject to customs duties, such as Switzerland, is always a problem for exporting companies.

There is too much respect for the bureaucratic hurdles and the process of customs clearance in general.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular therefore prefer to forego the business opportunities that trade with Switzerland opens up for them.

The same is true the other way round, because Swiss companies also face the challenges of exporting their goods to the EU.

This is precisely where the logistics start-up Saloodo! comes in, which for the first time now enables companies to tender transport orders that lead from the EU to Switzerland as well as vice versa from Switzerland to the EU via its digital freight platform - and the demand is great.

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This is shown by the reactions of shippers to the new possibility of requesting transports to Switzerland: Saloodo! has registered more than 16,000 transport requests for these relations within a few months.

Saloodo! customers also do not have to deal with the obligatory customs processes. Companies can either use their own customs service provider or rely entirely on Saloodo!’s cooperation partner when it comes to customs.

Dr Antje Huber, CEO Saloodo! explains: “Saloodo! provides seamless cross-border and cross-market transport processing worldwide.

Through our successful market entries in the Middle East, on the African continent and most recently in South America, we have gained a lot of experience with transports to customs-relevant countries, which we now benefit from. Now we are continuing our strategic growth in Europe by also offering Switzerland transports,”

“Together with our cooperation partner Gerlach, the leading customs service provider in Europe, we can offer our customers fast and reliable customs clearance. We are thus continuing to work steadily towards our vision of a world in which logistics is smart, digitalised and sustainable.”

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