SAL Launches Fulfillment Sector Warehouses in Saudi Arabia

SAL Launches Fulfillment Sector Warehouses in Saudi Arabia

In response to accelerated needs in the Saudi logistics sector

SAL, Saudi Arabia's leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider, is proud to announce the launch of its Fulfillment Business Unit which aims to be a one-stop-shop solution that will change the game for the Kingdom's logistics and supply chain industry.

SAL's Fulfillment Services represent a comprehensive commitment to meet the growing requirements and accelerated needs in the logistics sector at the Saudi market.

By successfully providing an integrated approach that combines air cargo handling and logistics solutions, SAL is introducing its new sector to enhance operational efficiency and increase reliability.

With a vision to transform the logistics landscape, SAL's Fulfillment Services are designed as a one-stop-shop solution.

Leveraging its strong foothold as a leading logistics company with an expansive logistics network, SAL aims to address the growing demand for integrated fulfillment services in the Saudi market.

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The heart of SAL's Fulfillment Business Unit lies in its holistic approach, combining a comprehensive suite of value-added services with expertise in cold chain logistics and robust digital enablement.

By seamlessly integrating fulfillment and logistics solutions, SAL today is offering an integrated service that extends from the first mile to the last.

SAL's Fulfilment centers will offer advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS), which serves as the backbone of its digital strategy, providing customers with real-time access to operational data and metrics.

This digital platform enables users to place orders, track their progress, and generate customized reports, enhancing operational transparency and efficiency.

As part of its expansion strategy, SAL is investing in the establishment of a growing network of Fulfillment centers in key locations in the kingdom.

With targeted facilities in Riyadh, Jeddah port and Dammam port, SAL's state-of-the-art warehouses serve a variety of industries, ranging from perishable goods to pharmaceuticals and high-value materials.

Faisal Albedah, CEO of SAL said: "Our Fulfillment Services represent our solid commitment to delivering unparalleled logistics solutions.

"With our extensive network, cutting-edge technologies, and dedicated team, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our customers and drive growth in the Saudi logistics sector."

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