RSA National Selects Hermes 5 CMS for New DWC Facility

RSA National Selects Hermes 5 CMS for New DWC Facility

Aims to optimise cargo handling capabilities

Hermes Logistics Technologies has been selected as the new Cargo Management System (CMS) provider for UAE-based logistics specialist RSA National (RSAN).

As a leading provider of CMS Hub Management System (HMS) and Hermes Business Intelligence (HBI), Hermes will optimise cargo handling capabilities for RSAN at its new flagship air cargo terminal at Dubai World Central.

RSAN is a new joint venture between US-based National and UAE-based RSA Global, and is an integrator offering multimodal supply chain solutions focused primarily on the e-commerce, perishables, government, humanitarian, and retail sectors.

Hermes 5 (H5) is the latest version of the Hermes application offering the latest best-of-breed functionality, a contemporary User Interface / User Experience delivered through a robust cloud infrastructure.

"This will be a full SaaS Hermes 5 implementation and we anticipate a quick implementation of fewer than three months from contract to go-live," said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hermes Logistics Technologies.

"We are particularly proud that RSA National selected Hermes after they identified our close fit to their vision and strategy as well as the high level of Hermes responsiveness," Baruch added.

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H5 will provide RSAN with its own, fully integrated management tool that will interface with its local community and customers, allowing for smarter process flows as well as messaging compliance.

The Hermes implementation will also give RSAN more control over key areas such as Customs, Service Management, and Revenue Accounting, offering the supply chain specialist a single system that is configured to its needs and the requirements of its customer base.

Said Abhishek Ajay Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of RSA Global: "RSA National is very pleased to partner with Hermes to provide a best-in-class platform, through which we can continue to provide seamless solutions to our customers.

"Our steadfast goal is to steer our operations with utmost visibility and control, and to extend the same facility to our customers.

"We believe that Hermes' CMS is the perfect tool for RSA National to realise this objective."

H5, which is being rolled out globally, is a full SaaS implementation capable of running within any Cloud, modernising the Hermes framework for seamless integration with new technologies.

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