Quality Control and Cost Control are Key Successful Supply Chains

Quality Control and Cost Control are Key Successful Supply Chains

Drew Hall, CFO of GenFlat Containers highlights how technology can be used to create greater efficiency and economy

Speaking at the TLME Future of Logistics Conference Part 3 held recently in Dubai, Drew Hall, CFO of GenFlat Containers said that quality control and cost control were key to successful supply chains and technological inovation played a big part in that.

Mr Hall was responding to conference moderator Lars Jensen question to panellists on how their companies using recent windfall profits to make technology changes in their day-to-day operations.

Mr Hall said that GenFlat was starting to manufacture their containers in China, and they were going to find out how receptive the industry was to their revolutionary container technology.

Mr Hall added that the US had very limited scope of further expanding its infrastructure. Long Beach Port for example is "landlocked and they can't expand" and nearly 35 to 40% of the Ports land was taken up by empty containers.

Data Analytics is Playing a Key Role in Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

GenFlat, with its collapsible containers, had the solution to reduce storage space for empty containers and increase capacity of the port.

Further, Mr Hall said, that America was facing a shortage of truck drivers and by transporting multiple collapsible containers on a single truck transportation costs and time could be reduced.

We're trying to implement an innovation to bring down cost, to bring down congestion and add true sustainability to supply chains, concluded Mr Hall.

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