One Click Delivery Services goes Lyve
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One Click Delivery Services goes Lyve

UAE's leading last-mile delivery technology company announces exciting rebranding

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One Click Delivery Services, one of UAE’s fastest growing last-mile delivery platforms, has just rebranded itself as ‘Lyve’ - a name that reflects the real time success of its last mile delivery solutions in the current era of digital growth and development.

One Click Delivery Services – now known as Lyve – has carved out its position as one of the region’s leading last-mile delivery solutions in just under three years by partnering with major players across multiple verticals and by rising up to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months.

All through 2019, Lyve invested resources and manpower in technology, believing that digitization lies at the core of successful last-mile logistics.

Through the continuous improvement of its software and the diversification of its product range, Lyve has branched out into new verticals such as courier, pharmaceuticals, telecom and e-commerce by acquiring prestigious clients and penetrating new markets such as Kuwait, KSA, Egypt and India.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown which has required outlets to temporarily close their doors and revisit their business model – Lyve has experienced an unprecedented surge in delivery demand.

“Through our acquisition of new verticals and multiple new clients, we have naturally been led to optimize and further enhance our operation strategies as well as our image to better meet our clients’ demands. Rebranding has come as a step towards asserting our presence as a reliable and experienced partner."

Hassan Hallas, CEO and co-founder of Lyve

The rebranding of One Click Delivery Services’ identity consists of a new company name, logo and website which express the dynamic expansion of the company and its vast growth and development, with digital efficiency as its core value.

The name Lyve - a play on the word ‘live’ is synonymous to a continuous presence and connectivity on ground and online.

The slogan ‘Beyond Delivery’ explains the multiple ways in which Lyve assists its clients – referring not only to its adaptability and custom-made solutions, but also to the data and analytics available for clients to assess across the platform and optimize their activities.

Its clear-cut and neat logo reflects straightforwardness and transparency – values by which the company operates. With the color theme of bright red with a twist of black and white, Lyve asserts its boldness – thanks to a confidence inspired by the satisfaction of both - clients and employees, whom Lyve sees as partners.

The Lyve website is a customer-centric online platform designed to inform present and prospective clients about Lyve’s range services in a clear and user-friendly man

Our brand has developed and matured tremendously through great new products and robust technology, which we are ready to showcase in an up-to-date, sophisticated manner that reflects our capabilities. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are excited to take on new challenges in Lyve’s name.

Krystel Hodroge, Marketing Director of Lyve

The rebranding of Lyve embodies its mission to grow along with its partners and raise the standard of the last-mile delivery and customer experience in the region.

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