MaK Middle East in UAE Expansion
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MaK Middle East in UAE Expansion

Caterpillar subsidiary looks to expand Middle Eastern presence 

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MaK Middle East LLC, a Caterpillar company established in Dubai in 2017, has opened a new branch in Fujairah as part of its expanded service reach within the UAE to serve a wider range of customers.

In addition, the company is now also officially registered in the Sharjah Ports of Hamriyah Freezone, Al Khalid and Khor Fakkan, enabling service delivery in those facilities.

In response to positive, early customer demand, MaK Middle East has continued to increase the resident service engineer team in the UAE with transfers of Caterpillar employees from UK and Singapore operations into the UAE hub.

Specialist factory trained service engineers covering MaK, EMD and the Napier and KBB turbocharger brands are now resident with MaK Middle East LLC.

Access to Fujairah Port in the United Arab Emirates, is already proving its value, not only to local MaK powered vessel owners but also to European cargo customers transiting through the Middle East and using the Fujairah anchorage.

Dubai in Major Supply Chain Initiative

The newly expanded EMD service team in Dubai is well experienced in providing EMD factory direct service work on rigs and vessels in the Middle East including Dubai, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and the addition of the Sharjah ports will expand the service delivery reach of this relocated service team.

In all of these new locations, MAK Middle East is looking to offer a comprehensive range of turbocharger maintenance, overhaul, repair, upgrading and modification service options.

Alan Naisby, Managing Director of MaK Middle East and MaK Asia said: “We have successfully identified a high volume of MaK powered vessels docking in Fujairah in previous years.

“That’s why we want to be closer to our customers to ensure we can provide high quality factory engine service where the customer needs it in an efficient, effective and timely way.

“The expansion of the MaK and EMD portfolio of products and services in the Middle East region and the UAE in particular corresponds to our steadfast commitment at Caterpillar to be a one-stop parts and service provider for marine, oil & gas and power-plant customers.

“The UAE has developed into an international business hub that attracts major players to invest especially in the maritime sector.

“Accordingly, our new locations will no doubt offer immense advantages, which will help grow our business and aid in networking with the best in the maritime business.”

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