KIZAD Sets Up One of the Region’s Largest Cold Chain Storage Hubs

KIZAD Sets Up One of the Region’s Largest Cold Chain Storage Hubs

AD Ports Group’s Advanced Logistics Hub at KIZAD to offer 80,000 sq mtrs of Storage Capacity

AD Ports Group, the leading facilitator of global trade, logistics, and industry, has announced that KLP21, its new advanced warehousing and logistics hub in Abu Dhabi, will be available within Q3, 2022.

KLP21 is situated in KIZAD, the Group’s integrated trade, logistics and industrial zone located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

KLP21 is strategically located next to the upcoming Regional Food Hub along the main E311 cargo corridor, ensuring direct connectivity to all major markets.

Comprising four warehouses with over 80,000 sq. mtrs of capacity, KLP21 will be one of the largest and the most advanced temperature-controlled logistics hubs in the region.

Combined, the warehouses will be able to accommodate over 100,000 pallets across a network of chambers which can be independently configured to a range of sizes and temperatures, including -26°C to 25°C.

The facility is tailor-made to support critical regional industries requiring cold and ambient storage, including healthcare, food and beverage, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and specialty chemicals sectors.

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Among the benefits for potential customers, the facility will offer a full suite of third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) services.

Backed by access to strategic multimodal transport capabilities KLP21 will offer potential partners and customers with direct and efficient access to key local, regional and global markets.

The hub will also be served by a fleet of over 400 transport vehicles supporting both domestic and cross-border road movements.

Developed by KIZAD, the facility will have two of its four warehouses, spanning 40,000 sq. mtrs operated by AD Ports Logistics.

For AD Ports Logistics, this is in addition to over 350,000 sq. mtrs of logistics storage space, including its KIZAD-based 19,000 sq mtrs of cold and ultra-cold storage facility that has been the cornerstone of Abu Dhabi’s global efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abdullah Al Hameli, Chief Executive Officer, Economic Cities & Free Zones Cluster, AD Ports Group, said: “The development of KLP21 builds upon our fully integrated offering under AD Ports Group’s Economic Cities & Free Zones portfolio that brings together the entire scope of services required for industrial businesses to thrive in today’s competitive market."

Robert Sutton, Chief Executive Officer - Logistics Cluster, AD Ports Group, said: “KLP21 has been strategically designed to support the vision of Abu Dhabi’s leadership to establish the emirate as a major global hub for key industries such as life sciences and food sectors.

"This milestone facility significantly increases AD Ports Logistics’ current cold and ambient temperature storage capacity and provides international and domestic companies with outstanding opportunities to enter or expand their presence within a region that is primed for sustained growth.

“Most importantly, the addition is especially timely when we see global supply chains shifting towards more robust near-shore and on-shore sourcing of strategic goods and supplies, which KLP 21 is in an excellent position to provide.”

The project has been designed with the latest optimal solutions in mind, including the use of advanced insulation materials to reflect sunlight; the strategic application of skylights to reduce the need for lighting; recycling of water for irrigation; a centralised refrigeration system; and the use of primary, backup, and solar power supplies.

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