GWC, UPS Showcase World-Class Logistics Set Ups for Football World Cup

GWC, UPS Showcase World-Class Logistics Set Ups for Football World Cup

Qatar's logistics market estimated to be valued at more than $7.5 billion

Strong economic growth and a strategic location are among the key advantages that reinforce Qatar as a trade and investment hub in the Middle East.

The country’s logistics market has been growing steadily over the past five years - it is estimated to be valued at more than $7.5 billion and is estimated to register a CAGR of more than 7% during 2021-2026.

The growth of the market can be attributed to the new expansion plans as the country is hosting the 2022 FIFA World CupTM.

With massive investment in infrastructure, numerous new projects, and an e-commerce boom, Qatar’s logistics sector has been expanding rapidly, a development that GWC is committed to support as a leading logistics provider and the Authorized Service Contractor of UPS in Qatar.

Following the recent launched of its logistics hub in Qatar’s Ras Bufontas Free Zone, GWC welcomed Scott Price, President, UPS International, reaffirming a long-lasting business relationship.

UPS’s leadership visit comes at a time when the nation is gearing up for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM for which GWC plays the role of Regional Supporter and Official Logistics Provider.

Price began his visit by taking a tour of the GWC Logistics Hub and UPS Customer Centre at the Ras Bufontas Free Zone.

This facility with its world class infrastructure, including temperature-controlled warehouses and frozen storage chambers, offers unmatched logistical and last mile delivery options to the aviation, pharmaceutical and events industries including FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

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Price met up with GWC Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahad Al Thani and Ranjeev Menon, Group CEO to discuss the dynamic logistics sector in Qatar, the work being done by GWC and ways to collaborate in the future.

Speaking about the importance of the logistics sector for Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahad Al Thani, Chairman, GWC, remarked: “Qatar is becoming one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide for logistics and has become a favoured destination for international investors.

"Qatar is not only resolute about becoming a global trading hub, but it is also focused on attracting FDI that will take its logistical capabilities to the next level and GWC is primed to be a part of this journey.

"With our focus on digital transformation, innovation and sustainability we have been able to adapt to circumstances with agility and will continue to do so.”

Expanding on this thought, Ranjeev Menon, Group CEO, GWC, added that the improving logistics environment has played a critical role in making it increasingly easier to import and export goods to and from the state.

He said: “As the transport and logistics sector continues to enjoy infrastructure investments and new projects, there could be more opportunities for the logistics sector.

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"GWC is committed to making processes time-sensitive, quality-centred, customer-driven and efficiency-bound. This is where a partner like UPS gives us the opportunity to build trust, expand, and offer seamless services to our clients, especially the MSMEs.

“At GWC, we recognize UPS’s smart global logistics network, its synchronised teamwork and expertise in healthcare logistics to deliver Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines in Qatar, which requires ultra-cold chain storage.

"In fact, their delivery of these vaccines by drones in the US or in Ghana is another feather in their near-perfect delivery service.”

Price also took a tour of the GWC’s flagship Logistics Village Qatar, which has set a new benchmark in logistics infrastructure.

Speaking about his visit and the partnership with GWC, Price said: “Through our relationship with GWC, UPS’s Authorized Service Contractor in Qatar, we are delivering what matters for businesses looking to export and grow, with sustainable solutions and our smart global logistics network.

"We have witnessed first-hand GWC’s logistic prowess and Qatar’s growing clout as an international trading hub. Working with GWC, we will help Qatar continue to develop and meet its changing needs as it grows within the global economy.”

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