Future Challenges are Difficult but Can Be Successfully Met: Lars Jensen

Future Challenges are Difficult but Can Be Successfully Met: Lars Jensen

Moderator and industry though-leader concludes TLME's Future of Logistics conference with a message of optimism as we move forward

In his concluding remarks at the TLME Future of Logistics Conference Part 3 held at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai today, conference moderator Lars Jensen observed that over the last three conferences we have moved from a firefighting mode to a more strategic thinking mode for the transport and logistics industry.

Technology was rapidly being integrated into day-to-day operations as well as used widely for future planning and we are today moving from concepts to real-world working models that are agile and flexible yet more efficient and cost effective.

The chalenges being face by the industry can be be met but it will take collective will and effort. Cybersecurity can also be managed and reduced by using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain.

According to Mr Jensen, the largest risk to the industry is on the people side. If we don't have talented people coming into the industry, it will create severe problems in the future. Therefore, most imminent issue that needs to be addressed is how does the industry attract talented youth?

With these thoughts Mr Jensen thanked all the panellists for the insights they provided during the various thought-provoking sessions and concluded proceedings at TLME's Future of Logistics Conference Part 3.

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