EZDUBAI Announces Expansion of DHL Express

EZDUBAI Announces Expansion of DHL Express

New facility will benefit DHL Express with EZDubai’s strategic location, bespoke services and operational solutions

EZDubai, the fully dedicated e-commerce free zone strategically located in the heart of Dubai South’s Logistics District, has unveiled the expansion of DHL Express, with the launch of a state-of-the-art last-mile logistics hub.

DHL Express’ new facility will benefit from EZDubai’s strategic location, bespoke services, operational solutions, and innovative ecosystem to accelerate the rapid growth of the logistics sector across the region and support e-commerce players to reach their potential global consumers.

To celebrate the opening of the world-class logistics and e-commerce Hub, Nour Suliman, CEO Middle East and North Africa at DHL, joined by Mohsen Ahmad, CEO of the Logistics District - Dubai South, toured the facility among other senior executives from both entities.

The 88,555 square feet, solar-powered logistics facility features 33,476 square feet of built-up area and provides an integrated ecosystem for airside and landside operations, with future expansion potential to increase the capacity by an additional 164.5%.

The last-mile facility will also offer custom-clearance import and police-controlled export services with x-ray screening and bonded storage. It is also equipped with an automated bi-directional conveyor system, enabling more efficient sorting of packages.

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In its capacity, the logistics hub will handle 3,000 and 2,600 inbound and outbound transit shipments per hour, amounting to an average of 5,000 shipments daily, with the ability to service customers across the UAE and the region.

In his comments, Mohsen Ahmad said: “We are truly honoured to see that DHL, as a valued partner, is expanding its logistics hub at EZDubai.

"The launch of its new facility, which aligns with our vision of providing leading solutions to the global supply chain system and e-commerce players and will augment our leading proposition as a global trade corridor and e-commerce hub addressing the evolving demands of customers across the region and globally”.

Nour Suliman said: “Quality is what our customers expect. The foundation of what we offer is transit time reliability which is built upon our core processes, First Choice methodologies, and a mindset that quality starts on your street.

"As e-commerce sales continue on a fast passed growth, EZDubai enables us to reach our customers and continue delivering across the region and the world as the leading logistics provider."

As the first-of-its-kind e-commerce hub in the region, EZDubai is positioned as a strategic business community, promoting the growth of SMEs as well as empowering businesses and providing a wide range of facilities and smart solutions for the sector.

Additionally, EZDubai will make available developed land with optimal infrastructure and necessary processes to support other similar businesses that require fast order fulfilment.

As e-commerce business in the region matures, EZDubai will offer options for large international players to set up combined regional and national hubs.

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