Eye4Storage Celebrates Two Years of Sustained Growth and Global Expansion

Eye4Storage Celebrates Two Years of Sustained Growth and Global Expansion

Platform now has listings in 35 Countries with operations in key markets

In just two years since its launch, Eye4Storage, the pioneering digital marketplace for warehousing solutions, has dramatically reshaped the logistics landscape.

The company has announced that almost 15 million square meters of storage space are listed on our platform across 35 countries, exceeding all expectations for growth and market penetration.

Eye4Storage's expansion efforts have solidified its presence globally, with significant agency agreements inked across Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

This expansion not only reflects the platform's robustness and adaptability but also a commitment to addressing the warehousing needs of a diverse clientele.

In addition to the growth of its industry-leading warehousing marketplace, the Eye4Insight platform was also launched, giving visibility into warehouse operations for warehouse owners and operators.

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Continued investment in the platform has enhanced its functionality, making it more intuitive and user-friendly, thereby enriching the user experience.

Success stories from companies that have joined the Eye4Storage community underscore the platform's value in connecting warehousing providers with businesses seeking storage solutions efficiently and effectively.

Barry Dekkers, Founder of Eye4Storage said: “Reflecting on our journey, it's clear that Eye4Storage's rapid growth and global expansion are a testament to our commitment to transforming the warehousing industry.

"Our platform's success in connecting thousands of businesses with the right warehousing solutions across 35 countries underscores the critical need for innovation in logistics.

"As we look ahead, our focus remains on enhancing platform capabilities and expanding our global footprint to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The future of warehousing is digital, and Eye4Storage is leading the way."

Ambitious plans are underway to further expand Eye4Storage's marketplace, increase reach and capacity, and accelerate growth through strategic investments.

The company's mission remains clear: to transform the warehousing industry by making it more accessible, efficient, and sustainable for everyone involved.

Commenting on the rise of Eye4Storage, Michael McCabe, Director of Operations Maisonette, said: “In a digital landscape where skepticism is common, Eye4Storage emerged as a game-changer for us.

"After considering various online ventures, it was the idea, business concept, and the expertise of the Eye4Storage team that truly resonated with our company.

"Led by industry experts who comprehend the market dynamics, Eye4Storage stands out. We believe this platform will bring immense satisfaction to users worldwide, including us."

Adding to this was Raul Saucedo, President and CEO, SB Logistics, who commented: “As a staunch advocate for open networks and driving international opportunities, Eye4Storage stands as the perfect ally for SB Logistics.

"It serves as our key international partner, enabling us to extend our logistics expertise beyond Mexico. Eye4Storage plays a pivotal role in seamlessly bringing our warehouse and logistics proficiency to the global market.”

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