Expo 2020 to Offer 5G
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Expo 2020 to Offer 5G

New ultra-modern network to be available to at global event

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Expo 2020 Dubai has announced that it will access 5G services during the event that is set to draw millions of visitors.

The move reinforces Dubai’s reputation as a world-leader in technology and innovation.

5G is around 20 times faster than 4G, with virtually no latency (delay), as well as ultra-low energy requirements.

Expo 2020 has already outlined a vision to be the most connected and advanced conference ever, and aims to show Dubai is the most advanced city on earth.

A 5G network will no doubt help in attracting top-tier companies to District 2020, the mixed-purpose development that will continue Expo 2020’s legacy as a place to connect, which is neatly demonstrating Expo 2020’s theme: "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".

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