Exclusive Video: LogiPoint Sees Opportunity to Scale Up During Crisis

Exclusive Video: LogiPoint Sees Opportunity to Scale Up During Crisis

Plays key role in making Jeddah a Logistics hub for the region

The pandemic situation has helped LogiPoint capitalize and expand on its current solution offerings from setting up Bonded Express Facilities, Transit Hub Jeddah via Cross-Border Gulf Service, and facilitating Air-Sea and Sea-Air Shipments through establishing a bonded corridor to facilitate trade for customers by providing a multimodal bonded access to regional target markets combining sea, land and air freight “REINFORCING JEDDAH AS THE REGIONAL LOGISTICS HUB OF CHOICE”.

"Safety of our employees, clients and business partners was one of the major priorities during the pandemic” says Rayan Al Bakri, Deputy CEO, LogiPoint.

LogiPoint and United Warehousing Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

Mr Rayan goes on to describe other matters of primary concern as maintaining business continuity, minimizing anything that could jeopardize the quality of the service and the continuity of their client's supply chains.

The value of services offered at LogiPoint has also been reflected in the attraction of the world's largest and local companies to the Bonded Zone as a hub (for distribution to local/surrounding markets on the Red Sea coast) to serve their target markets efficiently and profitably, while keeping their costs low and their supply chains seamless, resilient, and sustainable.

Mr Rayan concludes by saying the pandemic experience has given LogiPoint a sense of confidence in its investments in the Logistics real estate solutions such as the warehouse village 5 at the Bonded Zone, building new logistics parks across the Kingdom, Jeddah Logistics Park where it is building a gated community to serve the region’s supply chain more efficiently, and finally BTS facilities for major clients in Saudi Arabia’s main cities.

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