Emirates Post Group Undergoes Restructuring to Enable UAE Logistics Market

Emirates Post Group Undergoes Restructuring to Enable UAE Logistics Market

Streamlining follows the organisation’s transition to a Public Joint Stock Company fully owned by Emirates Investment Authority

Emirates Post Group Company (EPG) has undergone a strategic restructuring aimed at positioning itself as the logistics market enabler in the UAE.

The new structure follows the organisation’s transition to a Public Joint Stock Company, fully owned by Emirates Investment Authority, which necessitated a review of its overall business operations to enhance efficiency and streamline its operations.

Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group Company, said: “The official transition of Emirates Post Group into a public joint stock company represents a pivotal point in our mission to diversify our business, improve customer experience, and offer tailored services and products.

"It moves us closer to our primary objective of becoming the leading logistics market enabler in the region, while fostering an ecosystem that integrates logistics, fintech, and digital solutions.”

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Throughout its history, EPG has worked to positively contribute to the Emirate's social and economic development in line with the UAE Government’s Vision, especially in the areas of eCommerce, financial inclusion, and digital transformation.

In accordance with this vision, all subsidiaries under the Group: Emirates Post, FINTX, and Electronic Documents Centre (EDC), will undergo effective changes.

EPG is set to adopt novel approaches to revolutionise the conventional postal services and courier services of its subsidiary 'Emirates Post' by expediting the digitisation of its offerings, strengthening its last-mile delivery operations and e-commerce solutions.

Similarly, EPG’s new FinTech subsidiary, ‘FINTX’, will continue to spearhead the digital transformation efforts to revolutionise the Group's existing financial services companies - Wall Street Exchange and Instant Cash.

This will accelerate the Group’s FinTech strategy towards creating and investing in new ventures to form a FinTech eco-system of financial services and solutions in the UAE and beyond.

‘EDC’, the Group’s digital transformation subsidiary, will continue to focus on enhancing its digital platforms and solutions to support organisations in the logistics industry and various other industries to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Additionally, EPG will create a new business unit that will focus on strategic investments and innovation. The new business unit will manage the existing investments of the Group’s current portfolio and explore opportunities in new ventures.

The launch of the new investment and innovation unit comes with a commitment to grow EPG’s business portfolio and expand its offerings, while delivering innovative solutions.

EPG's restructuring aligns with the goals of the Group's new 5-year strategy, which include maximising the Group's full potential, transforming its postal business to digital, revamping its Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) business, and exploring investment opportunities to maximise value for customers and shareholders.

The performance of EPG's workforce will be the primary catalyst in driving the Group's transformational journey to achieve its goals of improving its organisational capabilities and competitiveness.

Alashram concluded: “Emirates Post Group understands the significance of staying updated with changing market dynamics and the ongoing evolution of the overall logistics industry.

"Consequently, we will utilise our strengths, capabilities, and partnerships to grow the company and reach new heights in the future, as we continue to build on our rich history, solid foundation, and talented workforce.”

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