Dubai South’s EZDubai Launches Optimised Last Mile Services

Dubai South’s EZDubai Launches Optimised Last Mile Services

EZPas replaces physical gate passes for hybrid-bonded zone

EZDubai, Dubai South’s dedicated E-Commerce zone has launched a full fleet of new operational services aimed at improving the ease and efficiency of their last mile delivery from the Freezone to the end customer.

The first new solution launched by EZDubai is EZPass – a one of a kind solution that reduces the processes and documents required in the transfer of goods to and from the bonded zone.

This has digitally replaced the need for physical gate passes , in line with the governments paperless strategy launched in 2018. The EZPas creates time and cost efficiencies forging the path for EZDubai to be a paperless zone by 2021.

EZDubai’s unique Hybrid-Bonded Warehouse concept was announced, enabling customers to consolidate their onshore and offshore activities into one facility.

Whilst benefitting from dual licensing and therefore improving efficiency in relation to their ability to self-manage the import process without need for bulk shipments.

EZDubai e-Commerce Zone 20% Operational: Dubai South

The Hybrid-bonded concept is already operational in EZDubai and will be rolled out to all operations of Dubai South’s Logistics District at a later stage.

AbdulBasit Almarzouqi, Director of Logistics Operations at Dubai South, said: “In our drive to continuously set the best practices to provide premium operational solutions, we are delighted to roll out a spectrum of innovative services with clients in mind.

"In consolidation of this notion, the services would help our valued clients expedite the flow of goods in an efficient and cost-effective manner. They would also enable our clients to operate within a dynamic environment that would pave the path for them to strive and flourish."

EZDubai has been at the forefront of the e-Commerce sector in delivering Dubai’s first dual-licensed, hybrid-bonded facilities.

The 920,000 sq. m. purpose-built e-commerce hub is designed to attract the world’s leading e-commerce companies and create a benchmark with its infrastructure.

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