Dubai Customs Strengthens Partnerships with Courier Companies to Support e-Commerce

Dubai Customs Strengthens Partnerships with Courier Companies to Support e-Commerce

To help enable seamless operation of e-commerce activities

Dubai Customs recently convened an extensive meeting with courier and express shipping companies, aimed at bolstering the seamless operation of e-commerce activities and solidifying Dubai's position as a global e-commerce epicenter, aligning with the strategic objectives of Dubai's economic agenda.

The meeting witnessed the presence of Farida Fadhil, Director of the Customs Audit Department at Dubai Customs; and Younes Ibrahim Kalbat, Senior Manager of Customer Happiness at the Client Happiness Department.

Younes Ibrahim Kalbat emphasized: "e-Commerce is undergoing rapid expansion on both a global and regional scale, driven by relentless technological advancements.

"This surge has led to a proliferation of online stores and an ever-increasing number of internet users engaging in buying and selling activities.

Dubai South Completes Blockchain Integration System with Dubai Customs

"We maintain close engagement with our valued clients, offering unwavering support by delivering top-notch services that impeccably align with their expectations.

"Dubai Customs' cross-border e-commerce platform stands as one of Dubai Customs pivotal initiatives, steering transformative changes within the business landscape. It is designed to provide exceptional services to e-commerce enterprises and affiliated sectors, including shipping and logistics." 

During the session, in-depth discussions were conducted regarding customs audit processes. Dubai Customs addressed all queries from participating companies and shared insights into the department's systems in this context.

Furthermore, Dubai Customs unveiled its cutting-edge e-commerce project, strategically leveraging blockchain technology to streamline supply chain operations.

The primary objective of this platform is to amplify the presence of companies in Dubai within the local and regional e-commerce distribution network by significantly reducing the overall cost associated with e-commerce transactions.

Additionally, the platform serves as a catalyst for boosting e-commerce sales across the UAE.

Dubai Customs anticipates that e-commerce sales in the UAE will ascend to 6 billion dollars in 2023, 6.8 billion dollars in 2024, and 7.6 billion dollars in 2025. Dubai Customs remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement and development of this groundbreaking project.

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