DHL Wraps Up Formula One Season with Grand Finale in Abu Dhabi

DHL Wraps Up Formula One Season with Grand Finale in Abu Dhabi

Official Logistics Partner of F1 since 2004, DHL once again delivers a successful Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi

DHL, the leading logistics company globally, will close this year’s Formula One (F1) season, the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition, this weekend in Abu Dhabi at the Grand Prix finale.

As part of the partnership, DHL’s motorsport team of 75 international specialists has transported up to 1,400 tonnes of freight - comprising broadcast equipment, automobiles, team members, hospitality, fuel, and tires - from Las Vegas to the UAE’s capital in a matter of days, and all with the utmost speed and precision.

As the Official Logistics Partner and Global Partner of F1 since 2004, DHL is working closely with the sporting series to reduce the event’s ecological footprint while simultaneously achieving its own ambitious sustainability goals.

Upon the Grand Prix’s completion in Abu Dhabi, DHL’s motorsports team will have covered a total of 150,000 km through 22 races and across five continents; including six double-headers, two triple-headers, and the premier of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Through multi-modal transport solutions, including overland and ocean freight, DHL is strategically minimizing the environmental impact of F1 logistics. A big green milestone achieved this season is DHL purchasing 18 new trucks running on HVO100 drop-in fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).

These reduce carbon emissions by an average of 83% when compared to conventional fuels such as diesel, without compromising on performance loss as these trucks can cover the same distances and carry the same loads.

DHL has also over the years introduced the transport of F1 freight with its new Boeing 777s, which is being used to transport deliverables to and from Abu Dhabi while boasting fuel-efficient technology that reduces carbon emissions by 17% over legacy aircraft.

DHL held a behind-the-scenes (BTS) tour in Abu Dhabi today to raise awareness about both its own sustainability efforts and that of F1.

The BTS tour was held at the F1 paddock and pitlane in the UAE’s capital, to discuss the ongoing partnership between these two entities, multi-modal logistics related to this year’s Grand Prix, and both companies’ sustainability agendas and milestones.

John Williams, Head of DHL Motorsports UK at DHL Global Forwarding, commented: “Being in Abu Dhabi for the season finale is truly exciting. We're proud to have delivered yet another thrilling year, and this race holds special significance as we navigate a world where the call for a greener future is increasingly urgent.

"In line with F1's commitment to sustainability, we are delighted to be a partner actively contributing to the green agenda through the provision of efficient and sustainable logistics.”

Christian Pollhammer, Senior Logistics Co-Ordinator, Formula 1, added: “After announcing our new sustainability strategy in 2019, to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030, DHL has played a key role in inching us closer to this goal.

"As one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world, and the first motorsport series to commit to measurable sustainability goals, the importance of having a competent logistics partner and industry leader in green logistics such as DHL cannot be overstated.”

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