DHL Unveils New Bulk Liquid Transport Solution

DHL Unveils New Bulk Liquid Transport Solution

New DHL Reefertanks to transport temperature-controlled liquid goods

DHL Global Forwarding, Deutsche Post DHL Group’s air and ocean freight specialist, has announced the launch of a new bulk liquid transporter solution, a system of Flexitanks called DHL Reefertanks.

The DHL Reefertanks are a brand new three-tank system developed in partnership with supplier Liquitank Solutions to transport bulk liquids like citrus juice which require temperature control while in transit.

Currently the new system is being piloted in Mexico to transport any non-hazardous bulk liquid requiring temperature control to the United States, but can be utilized in any country that sees a need for this new product.

Goetz Alebrand, Head of Ocean Freight, DHL Global Forwarding, Americas said: “We are always committed to delivering quality, safety and traceability for our customers and their liquid products.

“This new solution coupled with the newest innovations and technology at DHL provides our customers with a more cost-effective service, helps them save money and represents a safe, streamlined, and more environmentally friendly way of transporting their non-hazardous liquids.”

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Traditionally ISOTanks or Refrigerated containers of 55 gallon drums are used for transporting bulk liquirds as well as 40’ long flexitanks in refrigerated containers, but the new reefer tank system allows for a greater yield of products when compared to any of these other options.

The nature of the new three tank system leaves less residue or heel in the tanks.

The average yield in the DHL Reefertank system is 99.97% versus 97.5% yield in ISOTanks or 40’ long flexitanks – that equals 157 gallons less product loss by using the DHL Reefertank system.

This is significant, as manufacturers are paid by the amount of gallons delivered.

Additionally, the new system has increased temperature visibility while in transit with the ability to hold juice at a constant -3 – 3° C - virtually eliminating any possibility of juice spoiling or fermenting in transit which is especially beneficial to organic juices.

The new DHL Reefertanks maximize product volume transported providing customers a more cost-effective shipping solution.

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