DHL: Connecting People, Improving Lives and Moving the World

DHL: Connecting People, Improving Lives and Moving the World

Amadou Diallo describes how DHL meets supply chain challenges with innovative solutions

In this exclusive video DHL Global Forwarding CEO MEA, Amadou Diallo says that “Connecting People, Improving Lives” remains the overarching target for DHL in 2022.

Mr Diallo said that DHL always aims to have happy people working in the company serving happy customers who are able to connect their businesses “from any place to any other place in the world.”

Mr Diallo adds that presently the supply chain was facing various challenges. However, these challenges also created opportunities. For example, as there are no flights going from the UAE to Libya today, DHL came up with an innovative “Bedouin Solution” to move cargo. This follows the movement of Bedouins who used to travel between the UAE and Libya using a combination of land and sea routes.

Mr Diallo then goes on to describe how DHL is facilitating various events across the world from Motor GPs to fashion to live rock concerts. Recently, the Rolling Stones have been on a world tour and DHL was helping them safely and smoothly move their equipment from location to location for concerts around the world.

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