DHL and Christy Ng Unveil Eye-Catching Collection Inspired By Couriers

DHL and Christy Ng Unveil Eye-Catching Collection Inspired By Couriers

Collection inspired by DHL couriers who deliver every day, despite the pandemic

DHL has launched an exclusive and limited-edition merchandise collection in collaboration with Malaysian fashion designer Christy Ng.

The DHL x Christy Ng collection was inspired by the DHL couriers who have delivered reliably for her every day despite the pandemic.

It includes bold and eye-catching unisex pieces that feature DHL’s widely recognizable red and yellow logo. The items also incorporate DHL’s distinct parcel labels, delivery vehicles, brand colors, and logo interpretations.

The collection is only available in Christy Ng’s online shop, and all orders are shipped exclusively by DHL.

Christy Ng said: “It is a great pleasure for me to work with DHL on this collection, which was inspired by the couriers who support our business every day. I wanted to pay tribute to all DHL employees who work tirelessly to get us through these difficult times.

"Being in the fashion business during the pandemic has been a real challenge and made us rethink how to sell our products.

"Reliable and fast online fulfillment is more important than ever, and DHL eCommerce Solutions provides an amazing infrastructure to scale rapidly and flexibly. That’s a huge boost for our global aspirations.”

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Anil Gautam, Managing Director, DHL eCommerce Solutions Malaysia said: “We are honored that Christy Ng wanted to create a homage to all DHL employees and excited to share this collaboration with our customers. Now anyone can proudly show off their favorite delivery service.

"DHL meets the domestic shipping and worldwide shipping as well as fulfillment needs of online retailers across the globe. Much like Christy Ng’s wish to provide everyone with positivity, we make sure online shopping is a positive and enjoyable experience for customers and retailers alike.”

In line with DHL’s values and efforts to make every dimension of its business sustainable, the production of the DHL x Christy Ng collection focused on reducing the use of single-use plastics while keeping costs down and the pieces affordable.

All items are unisex and made of high-quality, sustainable materials. Customers can personalize the bags and grocery tote.

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