Deliveroo and Dubai Police launch Annual Cautious Rider Award

Deliveroo and Dubai Police launch Annual Cautious Rider Award

An initiative to recognise top-performing riders for road safety excellence

Deliveroo UAE launched the Cautious Rider Award with the support of Dubai Police to recognise riders who have showcased the highest commitment to road safety throughout 2023.

For the inaugural round, a group of Deliveroo riders have received financial rewards from Deliveroo alongside official certificates of recognition. 

Designed as an annual program, the Cautious Rider Award is an added incentive for riders to remain safe on the road and is an important part of Deliveroo’s commitment to work alongside stakeholders to ensure a safer community.

The selection criteria for the Cautious Rider Award took into account important factors like maintaining a clean traffic record, zero fines, violations, or accidents throughout the calendar year. 

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Yazan Aburaqabeh, Head of Operations at Deliveroo said: “Riders are an integral part of our business and of the larger UAE community. We are committed to continuing to roll out new partnerships and initiatives to foster a safe environment and ensure riders’ well-being on the road.

"We would like to extend our gratitude to Dubai Police for joining us in this shared mission, for their support and for their official recognition towards riders who play an important role in making Dubai safer every day.

"Thousands of Deliveroo riders prioritise road safety and boast an impressive track record. For the inaugural awards, we recognized a group of top performing riders who set a commendable example, and our plan is to expand this initiative year after year to reward more riders.”

The Cautious Rider Award is a part of Deliveroo’s continuous efforts to ensure rider well-being and recognise top riders who are improving standards for the industry on a daily basis.

In 2023, Deliveroo’s entire fleet of riders in Dubai received sessions and training on essential knowledge and skills pertaining to road safety, best practices, and regulatory compliance, as well as fostering an understanding of the UAE’s labour laws and cultural nuances.

The company actively maintains a range of ongoing initiatives and programmes to enhance rider well-being, while keeping them equipped to ensure their own safety alongside the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. 

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