DB Schenker Optimizes Capacity Utilization with BinPACKER Algorithm

DB Schenker Optimizes Capacity Utilization with BinPACKER Algorithm

Algorithm calculates the most efficient loading solution

DB Schenker leverages its award-winning inhouse IT innovation to secure more efficiency and less empty space on all transport modes.

With the new BinPACKER algorithm, DB Schenker logistics experts can now optimize the load-planning process to stack differently sized objects, making perfect use of limited space.

Maximizing capacity utilization with BinPACKER’s unique 3D-intelligence ultimately reduces cost and emissions.

BinPACKER has been developed by DB Schenker’s Global Data Strategy & Analytics unit.

Mathematical algorithms are used to calculate the most efficient loading solution for ocean freight, truck loads or pallets in warehouses.

The tool includes step-by-step guidance, a 3D-visualization of the loading layout and fine-tuning of single packages per drag and drop.

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Customers benefit from increased efficiency as well as faster and more transparent pricing. BinPACKER can also be used to calculate truck loading meters in LTL or for quotation purposes.

Dr. Holger Köhler, Director Business Consulting Data Analytics: “BinPACKER is a great example out of many where we are driving innovation not only at DB Schenker, but also for our customers.

"All you have to do is to enter package characteristics, such as the weight, size or the maximum load on top of the different packages that you want to ship. BinPACKER will then provide an efficient solution to stack all the different pieces.”

The first version of BinPACKER is already being used by DB Schenker staff. The stuffing algorithm has been developed and optimized together with subject matter experts from operations at several DB Schenker sites.

In pilots for container and truck loading it was proved that BinPACKER helps to increase the container utilization by up to 10%. This is not only a cost advantage, but also a measurable contribution to protecting the environment.

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