DB Schenker Launches Golden Truck in the Middle East and Africa Region

DB Schenker Launches Golden Truck in the Middle East and Africa Region

The Company is eager to expand its footprint in the Middle East and Africa land transport market

DB Schenker is widening its footprint in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) at a time when demand for trucking capacity is at an all-time-high and where land transport is estimated to grow at a CAGR rate of 4.7%.

Although this is driving interregional trade – making land transport often the first choice for the supply chain, unfortunately – it has not always been able to keep up with the demand.

In MEA, the industry is fragmented with many smaller, local operators unable to provide a quality service or support regional demands. Only a handful of professional service providers are able to offer reliable end-to-end land transport at a cost that goods can sustain.

DB Schenker is ideally positioned to make a difference to upgrade the industry's service levels.

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Eyad Karadsheh, VP, Land Transport, DB Schenker in Middle East & Africa said: “We are dedicated to our customers' requirements by continuously expanding our capabilities and intent to continue building upon the trucking legacy we have already established in Europe.”

"We want everyone to know that we are here and that we are eager to grow our MEA land capabilities.”

Cargo volumes are estimated to double in most countries in MEA giving rise to both challenges and opportunities.

Today, DB Schenker offers a unique product portfolio with industry-leading speed and reliability – bringing best practices from 150 years in Europe and a full understanding of the region’s regulations and clearance requirements.

The best-in-class digital tools Connect 4.0 and eSchenker provide intermodal, end-to-end visibility and (where supported by the federal systems) paperless working practices to improve efficiencies and speed cargo movement.

This allows DB to bring a reliable cost structure to the region.

The Golden Truck is just a small part of the extensive investment that DB Schenker is currently making in the Middle East and Africa trucking market to become the customer’s first choice.

"We are very pleased that the Golden Truck will remind everyone of the vast inroads we are making into this very important market and that we are here to stay,” commented Christopher Smith, Regional CEO for DB Schenker in Middle East & Africa.

"Our DNA of having a collaborative culture, great teamwork, “best in class” talent, and our commitment to growing every individual within our organization will always make us stronger," Smith said.

DB Schenker is simultaneously working on four key initiatives for the Middle East and Africa markets:

'Customizing solutions for all industry verticals and providing the best-in-class digital experience with end-to-end visibility. The company is also leading the push for clean logistics in compliance with all global requirements.'

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