DB Schenker Develops Contactless Delivery System

DB Schenker Develops Contactless Delivery System

Enables deliveries to be signed for from up to three meters

DB Schenker has developed an innovative no-touch signature capture feature that enables safe documentation of deliveries while everyone involved maintains the required coronavirus social distance.

The technology, which allows personal signatures to be captured from a distance of up to three meters, is now being by DB Schenker in several European Countries such as Spain, Austria, Finland, Portugal and Sweden.

The IT solution for contactless proof of delivery (POD) is already available in 12 languages and will soon be used throughout Europe.

Christian Drenthen, Member Of The Management Board for Land Transport at DB Schenker said: “Our experts developed this revolutionary IT solution in order to ensure the best possible protection for our customers and employees, and to simplify deliveries over the long term in what has now become the ‘new normal.

“The solution not only makes it possible to maintain a safe distance during deliveries, the use of a digital signature also guarantees comprehensive documentation of all merchandise and consignment handovers."

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The no-touch signature capture feature enables deliveries to be made with everyone maintaining a safe distance of at least two meters from one another.

The system works as follows: The delivery agent shows the recipient a digital QR code that the recipient can scan with a smartphone from a distance of up to three meters. This procedure identifies the smartphone user as the recipient of the consignment, after which DB Schenker’s POD website opens on the phone.

The recipient then enters their personal information at the website and issues a delivery confirmation by signing on their own smartphone screen.

The solution thus eliminates the need for recipients to touch delivery agent’s pens (conventional or electronic), phones, or scanners.

Plans call for the no-touch signature capture solution from DB Schenker to be used for all deliveries throughout Europe in the future. Next countries to start using the tool are Germany and UK.

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