Collaboration Will Be the Key to Success Moving Forward

Collaboration Will Be the Key to Success Moving Forward

Madhav Kurup, Regional CEO (MESA Region) for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, feels collaborations will be critical to the supply chain of the future

In this exclusive video Madhav Kurup, Regional CEO (MESA Region) for Hellman Worldwide Logistics says that the last two years have seen ruthless competition being replaced by greater cooperation between different players of the logistics and supply chain industries.

This cooperation has not only helped the supply chain overcome challenges but also “increased profitability” for transport and logistics companies.

However, Mr Kurup expressed concern over how sustainable this model of greater cooperation would be when things came back to normal. Nevertheless, like many other players in the industry, Hellmann expects 2022 to continue to be the same as 2021 with the similar problems facing the industry.

According to Mr Kurup for all its negative impacts, the pandemic has had one positive outcome. It has given the logistics industry greater purpose, respect and visibility within the general public. This has resulted in the industry attracting more tech savvy young talents that will allow the digitalisation and technical advancement of the logistics industry to continue at a greater pace.

“The future of the industry will look completely different with high calibre human resources managing operations and running the business. So I think the industry has an exciting future,” said Mr Kurup.

Mr Kurup concluded by saying that the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have given rise to a more “collaborative mind set” within the various parts of the supply chain industry and this will make the business “much more seamless” moving forward.

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