Challenges of 2021 to Continue into 2022: Fabio Weiss

Challenges of 2021 to Continue into 2022: Fabio Weiss

VP of DHL Global Forwarding emphasises on collaboration to achieve a more sustainable supply chain

Fabio Weiss, VP, Head of Air Freight MEA at DHL Global Forwarding expects the conditions of the global supply chain in 2022 to be same as 2021 with service capacities and reliability being the main issues for the logistics industry.

“Connecting people and improving lives, that’s what we do at DHL,” said Mr Weiss with DHL having moved over 1.5 billion vaccines across the globe so far.

Sustainability is another issue that DHL is firmly focussed on, added Mr Weiss.

The pandemic brought all players of the supply chain together in a collaborative effort to successfully overcome the challenges of lock downs, social distancing and border closures. Mr Weiss feels that similar collaborations need to be made across the transport and logistics industries to create a more sustainable supply chain.

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