Automated Materials Handling Projects Picking Up: Unitechnik

Automated Materials Handling Projects Picking Up: Unitechnik

In this exclusive video Hans Ettengruber, MD of Unitechnik FZE talks about how automated materials handling projects are returning to normal for the air cargo business

Speaking during the first session of the Future of Logistics conference Hans Ettengruber, Managing Director of Unitechnik FZE said that in the last 18 months the pandemic had affected automated materials handling projects in all businesses except food. Air cargo projects, however, were picking up and he expected to see some normalcy in the same by 2022.

Mr Ettengruber was responding to the first question asked by conference host and moderator Lars Jensen on what 2022 held in store for the logistics industry and how was it getting back to normal?

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“We are pretty optimistic on the project side that we will come back to normal,” he said adding: “Right now, we are mainly providing maintenance services but on the projects side things are looking up.”

According to Mr Ettengruber, cargo operations in the region’s airports are proceeding full steam ahead however, the passenger side of the business “will take a little bit longer.”

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