Are Virgin Planning a GCC-Wide Hyperloop?

Are Virgin Planning a GCC-Wide Hyperloop?

Hyperloop would be biggest in world and slash travel times

A hyperloop system covering the whole of the GCC could be set for the region after Amjad Almkhalalati, Director of Operations at Virgin Hyperloop One, stated the intention in an interview with Construction Week Online.

Amjad Almkhalalati told Construction Week: “I am hoping to see a big hyperloop network between the GCC, definitely between the UAE and Saudi, one day in the future.

“I honestly hope to see a demo track in Saudi Arabia and in Dubai built within the next five years.”

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Hyperloop is a new system which uses vacuum energy to suck pods through a tube network at speeds of up to 750mph.

Such a system would see the speed of human and cargo travel increase massively.

Hyperloop plans and models are popping up around the world, with A near US$2 billion hyperloop project between Amsterdam and Frankfurt announced recently.

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