Aramex Tests 'Live Tracking' for Last-Mile Deliveries in the UAE

Aramex Tests 'Live Tracking' for Last-Mile Deliveries in the UAE

Comes in line with efforts to transform the overall customer experience in the region

Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has become the first logistics company in the GCC to test live tracking for last mile delivery, using the Mobility Services from Google Maps Platform and in partnership with OniGroup.

This comes in line with the Company’s continuous efforts to transform the overall customer experience in the region.

The brand-new feature by Aramex is built upon a proprietary foundation Aramex’s own Geocoder, which utilizes machine learning and predictive AI to predict and generate precise delivery coordinates with the highest accuracy to increase delivery precision.

This new feature leverages the strength of Google Maps and navigation to enable customers to track live location of Aramex’s “Delivery Champions” from the last five stops until the shipment is delivered to their doorstep.

The successful beta testing phase for Aramex’s last mile delivery live tracking is currently underway in the UAE.

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Once completed, Aramex is planning to roll out the solution across the GCC for all last mile deliveries, with a full-scale launch expected in the first quarter of 2024.

Commenting on the new feature, Alaa Saoudi, Chief Operating Officer - Express at Aramex, said: “We are proud to pioneer live tracking with last mile delivery in the GCC, boosting digital touch points for our valued customers, and improving their experience with Aramex.

"The full roll out of the live tracking feature will provide our customers with complete service transparency. At Aramex, we work to proactively respond to changing consumer behaviors and aim to exceed their expectations around fulfillment and delivery.

"We are confident that once this solution is fully functioning, it will provide additional peace of mind, while allowing our business and individual customers to utilize their time more productively.”

Moe Abeidat, Vice President - Technology at Aramex, said: “At Aramex, we are always excited by new technology innovation opportunities to optimize our operations and offer more fulfilling experiences to customers by harnessing new frontiers in technology.

"The latest iteration of this is the roll out of the beta testing for live tracking for last mile delivery in the GCC, where we are deploying predictive AI along with the latest navigation technology in collaboration with Google and OniGroup, to drive digital transformation across the region’s logistics ecosystem.

"The innovative live tracking functionality not only expands our digital capabilities but will focus on elevating three parallel experiences which are: keeping our customers engaged and informed, keeping our Delivery Champions on track throughout the day."

Mike Rich, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Aramex, said: “The testing of this exciting new feature reflects our relentless efforts at Aramex to create an unparalleled experience for our customers that brings them closer to our services than ever before.

"Using AI and digital innovation and backed by in-depth research from a customer experience perspective, this new feature will set the gold standard for delivery logistics in the region and elevates customer trust to a new level.”

German Cardenas Garcia, Head of MEA at OniGroup, said “Aramex is committed to providing customers with an unparalleled experience through the use of Mobility Services from Google whilst continuing to boost digital transformation.

"It's great to see logistics providers making a difference and investing to improve the customer and courier experiences across the region. We are excited to be working with Aramex on this fantastic project.”

Backed by machine learning, the Last Mile Delivery tracking by Aramex predicts the estimated arrival time of deliveries for specified addresses – thereby helping set a more precise delivery schedule for the consignment.

Customers will receive a notification with a URL on the morning of the scheduled day of delivery, which they can use to track their shipment in real-time with the expected time of delivery, accurate and dynamic to traffic and other delivery operational factors.

Once fully implemented, the feature will allow customers to plan their daily schedule more efficiently instead of spending an uncertain amount of time awaiting the shipment – thereby vastly improving the end-user experience for Aramex.

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