And the Bollywood Debutant of the Year is… LogiPoint!

And the Bollywood Debutant of the Year is… LogiPoint!

Saudi logistics giant hits the big-screen

LogiPoint, a leading company operating a network of Integrated Logistics Parks and Special Economic Zones in Saudi Arabia, has announced that it has made its Bollywood debut.

The company said in a statement: “It was all very hush-hush for the past few months, those of us who were privy to the information were bursting at the seams with the news, but we had been sworn to secrecy, so we contained our excitement and waited for the opportune moment to announce it.

“And now, with Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan’s latest blockbuster hitting theatres worldwide, the opportune moment is upon us. We can announce to the world: LogiPoint has made its Bollywood Debut!”

King Khan, as Shahrukh Khan is known in the film world, is widely considered to be the world’s biggest movie star with fans spawning all parts of the globe across all continents and countries.

Khan has been regaling audiences with his performances for over three decades and his popularity continues to rise with every next movie.

The latest Shahrukh Khan blockbuster is called ‘Dunki’, and it crossed the billion-rupee threshold in its first four days of release, and it’s in this billion-buster movie that LogiPoint makes its Bollywood debut.

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A statement by LogiPoint continued: “As you watch Shahrukh Khan light up the screen with his charismatic performance, watch out for scenes in which you might find yourself distracted by the quality of the state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure in the background.

“With sheer grace and exquisite screen presence, the LogiPoint streets and buildings lend depth to the scenes and enhance the movie-goers experience without them even realizing it.”

Under the patronage of the General Entertainment Authority, the world’s largest film industry “Bollywood” made its foray into the Kingdom.

The Logipoint insight continued: “Director Rajkumar Hirani and his team descended on LogiPoint a few months ago to film the scenes and as is to be expected, it was all kept very quiet.

“But as is wont to happen, word did get out and the news spread rapidly across the entire place.

“Out of courtesy and the obligations of hospitality, everyone maintained a respectful distance so as not to interfere with the crew’s work, but some were able to go across and meet up with the super-star Khan during the breaks and they came starry-eyed and awestruck because of his humility, generosity and spirit.

“No prizes, of course, for guessing then that these are the ones who have been waiting for the movie release most eagerly in LogiPoint. Rumor has it they have still not stopped calling people to tell them stories from that big day.”

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