Almajdouie Logistics Looks at Expansion with Infor
Almajdouie Logistics Look at Expansion with Infor
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Almajdouie Logistics Looks at Expansion with Infor

Saudi Arabia’s Almajdouie Logistics Company will deploy Infor SCE to enhance business agility

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Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, announced that Almajdouie Logistics Company has deployed Infor SCE to enhance business agility as it prepares for further growth.

Almajdouie Logistics Company is the largest logistics service provider in Saudi Arabia and is a powerhouse in the logistics and supply chain industry in the region.

The warehouse management solution from Infor is set to streamline Almajdouie Logistics Company’s complex supply chain processes.

Almajdouie Logistics Company recognised the need to improve their operational efficiency, as they currently have over 4,000 employees and 2 million square metres of terminal and storage facilities across the GCC, that move an average of 1.6 million tonnes of goods annually.

The firm decided to adopt Infor’s best-of-breed warehouse management solution, Infor SCE in an effort to support their current and future requirements.

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The project was successfully managed by Infor’s global supply chain partner, SNS, a leading provider of supply chain consulting and software solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Brent Melvin, Chief Operations Officer, Almajdouie Logistics said: “Our customers’ businesses demand that we keep pace with emerging value-added services.

“We can provide them with complete visibility about their inventory, enabling them to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and improve overall operational efficiency.”

Infor’s operating service (Infor OS) platform helps provide integration between the company’s systems, which provides users with a more unified experience.

In addition, the Infor OS platform will provide organization-wide access into the real-time information required to drive Almajdouie Logistics’ business.

Alaa Hewedi, vice president of sales for Saudi Arabia, Infor, said: “ Almajdouie Logistics’ ambitions to expand its footprint in the region are matched by Infor’s drive to deliver finely-tuned industry-specific capabilities to its customers.

“We are committed to helping this logistics leader carve out new markets through continued innovation, and partnering with them on their growth and digital strategy.”

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