AIQ and Bayanat Partner to Disrupt Logistics in the Energy Sector

AIQ and Bayanat Partner to Disrupt Logistics in the Energy Sector

Ground-breaking software application will optimize and automate the processes involved in moving drilling rigs

At GITEX Global, AIQ, a technology pioneer focused on AI, has announced a new partnership with Bayanat, an ADX-listed, AI-powered geospatial technology company, to develop a ground-breaking software application that will optimize and automate the processes involved in moving drilling rigs. 

The Rig Move Optimization AI System by Bayanat, which has already completed a proof of concept, will revolutionize rig moves' complex logistics and operational challenges to increase efficiency, speed up processes and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

The platform utilizes advanced analytics to streamline rig movement operations through AI-enabled route optimization and coordinate the movement of assets, including rigs, personnel, and equipment, across multiple drilling sites.

By automating the scheduling process, the software will provide real-time updates on rig availability and maintenance, resource allocation, and conflicts improving overall efficiency.

A key feature of the software solution is its ability to facilitate collaboration within day-to-day business operations and reduce the total distance covered for every rig move. The reduction will have a direct estimated impact on total carbon emissions for the entire fleet of rigs.

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Omar Al Marzooqi, CEO of AIQ said: “The UAE has been making major strides within the space of AI technology. AIQ is proud to be working alongside Bayanat in the development of an AI software solution that can positively disrupt a core industry and further contribute to the UAE’s AI 2031 Vision. 

"The combination of our AI expertise with Bayanat’s geospatial intelligence will transform logistical operations across the Energy sector, drive efficiency and reduce overall emissions.”

Hasan Al Hosani, Managing Director, Bayanat said: “We are excited to embark on this collaboration with AIQ.

"Through this partnership, we aim to revolutionize the oil and gas industry by streamlining complex logistics processes, minimizing downtime, and significantly enhancing rig move efficiency.

"Our joint efforts will pave the way towards a more sustainable future for the sector as we drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions."

Implementing the Rig Move project will involve the development of a custom software solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and provides a reporting and analytics module that includes comprehensive data analysis and visualization tools.

The solution’s architecture includes components such as the pathfinder module, analytics module, scheduling algorithms, and reporting modules with real-time update features to make informed decisions and respond to changes quickly.

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