AI-based Freight Interface Launched in UAE

AI-based Freight Interface Launched in UAE

Fero officially introduces TiA (Ai Voice Agent for the Logistics Industry)

For the very first time in the MENA Region, Fero, an Ai powered freight management platform, has introduced an AI-enabled voice agent for the logistics industry - a technology that will replace repetitive human interaction and eradicate any room for human error.

At the recently held Ai Everything Summit in Dubai, logistics and supply chain industry leader, Carolin Neubauer, joined Fero’s Press Conference and Panel discussion as the official moderator where she shared introduced the minds behind the strategic engineering, development and creation of Fero.

Arjun Bhasin, the technical expert, Abdulla Al Shaibani, the creative expert, and finally Abhinav Chaudhary, CEO of Fero, welcomed the audience and kicked off the discussion with a short recap of the industry’s importance, and an insight of the technological innovations that we no longer need to anticipate.

Said Abhinav Chaudhary in his keynote address: All stakeholders in the freight environment including airlines, shipping lines, vehicle fleet owners, freight forwarders, shippers have different IT software setups.

“I’m not saying that current technologies are incorrect, but rather that they are incomplete when it comes to lateral scalability.”

The room was then introduced to Fero’s flagship NLP Agent & Chief Guest of the conference - TiA (Transport Interactive Agent), a highly intelligent and perpetual employee for the logistics industry.

“At Fero, we truly believe that TiA is the Logistician of Industry 4.0 and will revolutionize the future of freight,” said Arjun Bhasin, CTO, Fero.

The discussion moved forward as the audience listened to a series of answers to questions that have long surrounded the implementation of artificial intelligence in such a significant manner.

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What were the ethical considerations taken into account for TiA? Will TiA’s implementation into the industry reduce employment and render jobs redundant? Fero’s placement with respect to the UAE 2031 Ai Strategy?

Said Naseer Ahmed, Chief Strategy Officer, Fero: “We are proud of our products, there is no doubt that the freight industry is ripe for the 2nd generation of digital transformation.

“But we also equally pride ourselves for being born in the UAE and placing the region on the global Ai Innovation Map. Lets bring Silicon Valley here!”

Thereafter, the crowd was enlightened with a short video displaying the complex and efficient manner that TiA can seamlessly be integrated into daily processes - a technology-powered with machine learning and computer vision to connect all business functions and eradicate major pain points within the freight industry.

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