Agility Reports Q1 2024 Net Profit of US$61 Million

Agility Reports Q1 2024 Net Profit of US$61 Million

Revenue increases 4.9% to US$1.09 billion

Agility,  a supply chain services, infrastructure and innovation company, has reported Q1 2024 earnings of US$61 million - a 22% increase from same period a year earlier.

First quarter EBITDA grew 17.2% to US$230 million and revenue increased 4.9% to US$1.09 billion. This growth is driven by performance of Agility’s main entities, each pursuing its own road map to achieve further growth.

Latest Update

On May 2, 2024, Agility announced the listing of its subsidiary, Agility Global PLC, on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) under the ticker symbol <AGILITY>. Agility owns 51% of Agility Global and will consolidate the company’s accounts.

Tarek Sultan, Agility Vice Chairman and CEO said: “The listing of Agility Global on the ADX crystalizes the value of Agility’s international assets and enables the company to access additional capital markets to drive further growth.

“Each of Agility’s subsidiaries will be pursuing different road maps to invest and grow further”.

Agility KSCP is the majority shareholder of Agility Global PLC and its financials will be consolidated with the group’s financials.

Financial Reporting  

The in-kind dividends distribution was effective on May 2nd 2024, the Listing Day of Agility Global PLC and accordingly the financial impact was not reflected in the first quarter results and will be reflected in the company’s financials starting Q2 2024.

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