AD Ports Group Showcases Future Proof Innovation that Reimagines Trade

AD Ports Group Showcases Future Proof Innovation that Reimagines Trade

‘Innovation Week 2023’ held under the themes of Environmental Sustainability and Internationalisation

AD Ports Group ‘Innovation Week 2023’ is the annual festival that promotes ground-breaking creativity and advanced technological capabilities, in line with the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy and as part of the Group’s continued efforts to elevate Abu Dhabi’s position as a global hub for innovation.

Launched on 20th February 2023, under the themes ‘Environmental Sustainability’, ‘Internationalisation’ and ‘Operational Excellence’, AD Ports Group Innovation expanded this year’s Innovation Week activities for both internal staff and the general public.

The agenda offers exciting virtual metaverse events, the latest cutting-edge technology and a series of enlightening talks delivered by the industry’s top experts.

The week commenced with a fireside chat, featuring specialists from AD Ports Group and Microsoft Corporation, entitled ‘The Future of Work – AI Agents’. Viewers gained invaluable insights into the opportunities and challenges AI will pose to all global organisations and its workforce.

The conversation facilitated further understanding of key questions in the rapidly changing AI world.

For the second consecutive year, the AD Ports Group’s Innovation Week plays host to an Innovation Hackathon encouraging employees to creatively collaborate to devise solutions to current and future business challenges, culminating in pitches being presented to the Group’s key decision-makers.

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A significant highlight for Innovation Week is the launch of a first of its kind AI modelling tool; powered by AD Ports Innovation, the app enables architects, designers and facility management professionals to take a much more sustainable approach to energy management in the construction and maintenance of buildings and warehouses.

The state-of-the-art application, made available online to all global stakeholders, has been designed with an easy-to-use interface and will calculate the estimated energy savings resulting from utilising advanced climate coatings.

Throughout Innovation Week, AI innovation experts delivered hands-on autonomous truck training for the Group’s engineers and technicians in order to equip them with both theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject matter.

These activities align with the AD Ports Group innovation strategy which aims to maximise the use of automation in port operations by increasing the adoption of self-driving technology. 

Eiman Al Khalaqi, Vice President of Innovation, AD Ports Group, explains: “’AD Ports Group is proud to be at the forefront of the innovation and technology revolution; we understand the importance of consistently promoting our culture of innovation by showcasing our unique capabilities, through a wide array of activities and initiatives, as we celebrate “UAE Innovates 2023.

"We consistently leverage our multi-faceted portfolio of projects and expertise to shape a more sustainable future in line with the directives of our wise leadership, and to pioneer the development and implementation of innovation that will facilitate the sustainable growth of our business and expansion into increasingly competitive global markets.

"By mastering the art of innovation, AD Ports Group will continue to set the standard for the industry, leading the way towards creating lasting transformation of the future of trade.”

Concluding on the 28th February, the seven-day calendar closes with an awards ceremony honouring the creative minds whose ideas were received through AD Ports Group’s IBTIKAR idea management platform.

Since its inception, the creativity and innovation programme has witnessed over 12,800 inspiring ideas generated by innovators within AD Ports Group staff and stakeholders, with many innovators recognised and rewarded for their contributions.

In recent years, AD Ports Group has made tremendous strides in advancing sustainability strategies in the maritime and logistics industries. From research and development, to the successful implementation of projects, focusing on improving efficiency and utilizing renewable energy sources to reduce emissions.

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