ACME Intralog Partners With Kardex Remstar
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ACME Intralog Partners With Kardex Remstar

Move to ease pressure on regional warehouse operators

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In response to the rapidly growing e-commerce business in the region ACME has partnered with Kardex Remstar to improve warehouse operations by partial automation using scalable solutions that provide for improved material flow and can be easily adapted to existing warehouse racking infrastructure.

ACME’s solution-design team, based in the region, aims to design a flexible warehousing system using Kardex’ highly efficient solutions for storing and retrieving items.

This system significantly improves productivity and reduces energy consumption, whether being used to supply a production line with a wide range of products, as buffer storage in the assembly area, or for picking slow-moving parts in the distribution warehouse.

These solutions are perfect for companies in e-commerce, spare parts, pharma distributors, and mid-size companies that are looking to consolidate warehouse operations and looking to reduce real estate and manpower costs.

Navin Narayan, Founder-CEO, ACME Intralog, says: “Further shift into e-commerce, following the pandemic, has reinforced the need for companies in the region to be more agile, accurate and economic in the way they handle intralogistics.

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"With our partnership with Kardex, we can provide warehousing solutions that help to increase picking speed and reduce the storage area footprint through multilevel shelving.

"These solutions substantially reduce labour costs, helps with quick manpower on-boarding with reduced training requirements and substantially reduces searching and travel time between aisles.”

Through the partnership with Kardex, ACME can provide solutions with 99.9% pick accuracy, over 65% manpower reduction and up to 85% floor space savings.

They can also add coloured lights based batch picking process allowing multiple operators to pick within one work zone.

It also provides for the physical distancing requirements mandated in current times and is ideal for managing fluctuating and unpredictable demands that are common to businesses.

The disruption in logistics following Covid-19 has encouraged more companies in the Middle East look to established regional players like ACME for warehousing automation as opposed to hiring companies outside the region.

To meet the increasing demand, UAE headquartered ACME, which completed 45 years of operations this year, is planning to expand into Saudi Arabia this year.

By the end of 2020, ACME also intends to open a sales and services office in Germany to bring them closer to their customers in the EU.

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